New Zealand visas

If you are coming to New Zealand for a short time or planning to move to New Zealand indefinitely you will need to apply for a visa. We can assist with many different types of visa applications including temporary visas, residence visas and special categories of visas.


Whether you are "renewing" a work visa or applying for a first time visa, we can help you! We offer competitive rates and a hassle free and speedy service. We can make your life easy by making your paperwork paperless.

We will also represent you should there be any complications. Give yourself peace of mind and let our Immigration professionals do what they do best! Often visa applications experience delays in processing because of documentation that is missing or misrepresented.

Our Immigration professionals ensure that your application is complete and can help to ensure it is processed as quickly as possible.


Applying to become a New Zealand Resident is not as complicated as it seems. Many people from all different working backgrounds may qualify for Residency but never know it. Our consultants can give you a consultation to see if applying for residency in New Zealand is an option for you.

We provide a personalised experience and handle your application with care. Rather than just providing a service, we will educate you on the process as you go, so that you can understand what exactly is going on with your application.

If you are not based in New Zealand you can still arrange a consultation, send us an email and we can send you all the necessary information or book a time on Zoom or Microsoft Teams Video.

Special categoryVisas

Wanting to be in New Zealand for longer stays or under a special category? Planning to retire, invest, purchase property, or be sponsored by a family member?

For all of these situations and more there is a visa category that may apply to you. This can allow you to stay in New Zealand for longer periods of time or perhaps even remain indefinitely. Speak to one of our consultants today to get an idea of what direction you should be heading in.